City Bikes Sundbyberg

Cycle between our stations in Sundbyberg for only
SEK 250 for the entire season *

* April 1st until October 31st

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Register here on the website and pay for a subscription.

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Make a loan

Go to any station and hold your card against the card reader. You are assigned a bike.

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Return the bike

Cycle a maximum of 3 hours at a time and return the bike to any station.

Our stations

Frequently asked questions & contact information


Before contacting us, please check if you cannot find answers to your question here:

  • This is because the agreements with the municipalities have expired. Stockholm Municipality is currently procuring a new bicycle system. For more questions about it, contact the City of Stockholm.

  • No. All data from previous years (accounts, personal data, trip data, etc.) has been deleted. In order to ride a bike, you need to register a new account

  • If you received an email that you did not return your bike, you should return your bike as soon as you can in a working station. Make sure the lamp on the lock stops flashing and lights red, and that the bike is stuck.

    If you want to continue cycling you just need to make a new loan. Note that you will have to wait a few minutes from leaving your bike before you can borrow again.

    If you have already returned the bike, please go back to the station and check that it has been locked correctly.

    You can ignore this message if you have been able to borrow the bike without any problems after receiving it.

  • To be able to use the bikes, a valid debit card / credit card must be registered on your account. This is stated in the Terms of Use. The reason is that we need a security in case of abuse of the system, for example if a bike gets lost.

    If you receive a message that the card is about to expire, you need to update it even though you already have an active subscription. We will not withdraw any additional money from the new card until your current subscription expires.

  • You can use the bikes for up to one hour per bike ride regardless of subscription type. If you exceed the time limit you will be given a penalty point. After three penalty points, your account will be blocked.



Phone: 077-444 24 24


If you have an account, always provide your customer number when contacting us.

Customer service opening hours:

8am to 9pm every day. Closed between 12.00 - 13.00.